Delta Fresh Foods Initiative launches new website!

You may have heard us mention our partners in the Mississippi Delta once or twice (okay, lots of times- we can’t help it, we’re excited!). The Delta Fresh Foods Initiative (DFFI) is a diverse coalition of Mississippians committed to establishing sustainable, equitable community food systems in the Mississippi Delta. We’re really inspired by the work they’re doing and the impact they are poised to have on their local community, as well as on other regions building local food systems and promoting food justice all over the country.

Check out their new website,  to see a “Fresh List” of available local foods for sale at farms and farmers markets, a calendar of upcoming activities, local and national food, health, and enterprise resources throughout the Mississippi Delta.   You will also find information about DFFI members, projects and activities across the Mississippi Delta- including ways for everyone in the community to engage and benefit.

“Delta Fresh Food Initiative is a unique collaborative of participants from all walks of life- sustainable food growers, consumers, vocational teachers, health and agricultural educators, food retailers, community based organizations, congregational and community gardeners, healthy food advocates, and more coming together to fight for a better food system in The Delta,” said Judy Belue, a founding member of DFFI. “The website’s launch is one critical milestone in our work to provide free resources, information and networking opportunities to help our fellow Mississippians access local, healthy food while rebuilding our local economy.”

Delta Fresh Foods Initiative projects include: •    healthy cooking classes to promote using fresh and healthy ingredients; •    training and business consulting resources for local farmers to transition from commodity crops to vegetables; •    training farmers market managers to accept EBT at their markets and boost their sales while promoting healthy eating; •    developing research on local economic opportunities related to food production and retail; •    building infrastructure and engaging community members in developing community and congregational gardens; •    engaging local youth in conversations and activities about healthy growing, eating and community advocacy; •     supporting congregational and backyard gardeners to grow their gardens and learn from each other’s techniques.

For more information on DFFI contact Judy Belue at  [email protected].

Brooke Smith