GRuB: Growing Healthy Food, People and Communities in Olympia, WA

Did you ever stare out the window of high school chemistry class and wish yourself into a setting that made learning practical-  a place where you and your friends had fun every day, the teachers taught life skills while working right alongside you, the food was fresh and delicious, and the conversations were real and inspiring? Well, you would have been perfect for “GRuB in the Schools “ in Olympia, Washington!

Working directly with Olympia High School, in the lush green of the state capital,  GRuB provides an alternative on-farm curriculum for high-school students who want to learn the three basics of farming: Farming Self (Personal Development), Farming Land (Sustainable Land Stewardship), and Farming Community (Civic Engagement and Community Service). This year a group of about 30 students are gathering at the GRuB farmhouse every afternoon to learn what it takes to grow, tend, harvest, cook and distribute fresh organic produce to their community, while at the same time gaining job skills and life skills that will prepare them for leadership roles in the coming years.

Recently, I had the pleasure of touring the farm, and participating in the daily “circle-up” with the students and staff who make this program such an important leader in the movement for food justice…have a look for yourself:

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Brooke Smith