New Report: Food Sovereignty and Agroecology in Small-Scale Fisheries

“This report is a major accomplishment for global movements dedicated to the right to food, food sovereignty and agroecology. WFFP should be praised for their commitment to build unity and the follow up on the discussions held in Nyeleni, Mali among other social movements. For us, in WhyHunger, we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the work of WFFP and global movements in general.”

This is a repost of the original article by the World Forum of Fisher Peoples.

The importance of Food Sovereignty – as a means, a goal, and a global movement – is long recognized by the WFFP leadership: Food Sovereignty is a political agenda of small-scale food producers in the defense of our rivers, lakes, oceans and land. It is a response to the encroachment of our food system by multinational corporations who, in the context of fisheries, seek to privatize and consolidate fishing rights in the hands of the few. It is for these reasons that WFFP established a working group to take Food Sovereignty to the fishing communities of all our member organisations. The main purpose of this new report is to do exactly that: to cultivate the study and debate about Food Sovereignty among youth, women and men in all of WFFP’s constituencies.

–Naseegh Jaffer, WFFP General Secretary.

Read the full report here.

Calondra McArthur