Snapshot from the Field: CSU’s Lawrence DeFreitas on Community Sustainability

On a recent visit to South Los Angeles, WhyHunger team Lorrie Clevenger and Brooke Smith made a stop at the St. John’s market stand managed by Community Services Unlimited (CSU). Lawrence DeFreitas, CSU’s youth and volunteer coordinator, was selling fresh local produce and gave us his thoughts on how corner market stands like this one make an impact on the neighborhood: “I think it’s important work because I think more and more people need to see examples of, not necessarily of giving back to the community, but putting the community in a place in which it can sustain itself. A community that can sustain itself whether that is through food, education or whatever if it’s sustainable it can control its own goals, community goals. When a community is able to make decisions about what youth learn in the community, about its education, about its food system it’s more in control of where it’s going to go.”

Lorrie Clevenger