FoodShare Toronto: Food Access Problems Need Food Justice Solutions

We are excited to continue our powerful Food Justice Voices series with FoodShare Toronto: Food Access Problems Need Food Justice Solutions. Food Justice Voices is intended to amplify the voices and experiences of grassroots leaders that aren’t heard enough, while creating awareness and educating readers on various issues connected to hunger and poverty. As Canada’s largest food security and food justice organization, FoodShare Toronto has been working with communities on equitable access to nutritious food options for food insecure communities since 1985.

With food justice as the foundation of their work, FoodShare Toronto has been committed to creating and inspiring long-term solutions within the food system infused by the insight and experiences of those in the community who are most affected by poverty, racism, food insecurity and other social injustices.

Acknowledging the systematic racism and structural imbalances in the food movement, in 2018 FoodShare Toronto took a deep look at how their organizational policies, work with local communities, and their role as a leader in the movement could be better rooted in the principles of food justice and began a transformation. With the implementation of various community minded programs, shifts in internal policies and by centering the experience of those most impacted by hunger, poverty and injustice, FoodShare goes beyond being a food charity organization and looks to hold the governmental structure – as well as themselves and the community – accountable for transforming the landscape of food access and the right to food for all.

“Food banks and community food programs are important. They are the result of communities trying to address an issue that governments have allowed to reach crisis levels. But to truly solve the crisis of food insecurity, bold policy interventions are required instead of relying on the charitable sector.

Learn what steps FoodShare took towards food and social justice and its impact. Read, download and share this article today!

Colin Lawton