What We’re Watching: Food Fight

Have you seen the new music video by  Earth Amplified and Stic.Man (of Dead Prez)? The core message of “Food Fight”  is simple: Fight big food before big food fights you!

The song addresses corporate control of our food, diet-related disease, and the ways in which people of color are disproportionately affected by  our failing food systems.

Ain’t nothing but a G thing GMO MSG genocide of street gangs Aspartame like street kane Monsanto is Rambo round up with ammo Who would’ve known you can die from a diet? Diabetes and the -itis from the dairy and the dose of the high frucstose Cuz your ribs too close So you might start a riot Might be a food fighter!

Check out the song! Captions are included.

Candice Comisi